Woodward’s 11th Hour Extension Reeks of Impropriety

Posted: November 16, 2010 in Washington Huskies
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I remember a conversation I had a with a detective several years ago that covered several topics.  One thing he referenced was the habit employed by many burglars of defecating on the carpet or table of the home they had infiltrated.  This repulsive act symbolized a final F-YOU to the homeowner they’d just victimized.

The news tonight that Mark Emmert’s final act as UW president On September 30th was to give his friend Scott Woodward a 5-year guaranteed contract at $550,00 a year stuns me.  The department remains in the red and its cash cow– the football team– continues to flounder.  Why is this performance being rewarded with long-term, guaranteed money?  In a phone interview today with Bob Condotta of The Seattle Times, Emmert said he wanted to bring “stability” to the athletic director’s position.  Since when has that been an issue at Washington?

This extension was only brought to light from a public records request by the Times.  Doesn’t it say a lot that UW never announced this of its own volition?  But nepotism aside, by guaranteeing Woodward’s money, where is the incentive for him to do everything he can to raise funds and extract the football team from the deep ravine of futility into which it continues to sink?

This 11th hour act of Emmert’s was a final “gift” to Husky Nation, in addition to the hirings of Todd Turner, Tyrone Willingham, Scott Woodward and the football team’s 24-65 record under his watch.  With that charming smile and friendly wave, Emmert headed off to assume the NCAA presidency, having quietly left for us one last stinking, repulsive gift to be discovered at a later time.


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