The Elephant in the Room… Jim L. Mora

Posted: November 15, 2010 in Washington Huskies
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As another Husky season comes down the stretch, odds are high that a 7th consecutive losing campaign is at hand.  Washington has been outscored 138-30 in the past three games.  But with UCLA, Cal and WSU on the horizon, supporters of Steve Sarkisian anticipate a three game winning streak and subsequent lower tiered bowl game appearance.

Meanwhile in reality, the amazing irony is the Jim L. Mora, the obvious choice back in 2007 to be selected as the replacement to Tyrone Willingham, remains local while busying himself with his TV commentating gig.

But given Mora’s deep love for Husky football, his reputation as a strong defensive mind and his energy and charisma, this man remains the obvious choice to save Husky Football from itself.

It seems 98% certain that Sarkisian will be given a third year in 2011, so another full turn of the calendar is required.  Will Mora wait around that long to see how things sort themselves out at Washington?

You have to wonder, in his heart of hearts, if Mora’s not biding his time and waiting for the opportunity to be head coach at the university that needs his energy and competence more desperately than ever.

  1. BMP says:

    I don’t know that Sark is the guy and like you say, he’ll get year 3 and probably year 4 only because Woodward will be scared to death about firing his selection to lead Husky football out of the dark ages. While this goes on, I wonder about the what if scenario with Mora. UW had 3 opportunities to get him: when he was still DC for the 49ers, and then in 2007 and 2008. I worry that UW let that opportunity slip through its hands. Someone will make a run at Mora soon and we’ll see him get away from UW.

  2. uw97+05 says:

    Love and enthusiasm for UW I wholeheartedly agree with but charisma??? Mora is about charismatic as the pile of old socks. He reeks of rhetoric and nothing more. No original thought in any of his analysis on TV and radio, just rewording of info we all know..that is all he ever does.

    Coaching wise, yes we all know how much love he has for UW but how can you totally discount the massive failure at his most recent head coaching stop? I mean, it was a utter disaster. Certainly, his spiel may work better with impressionable 18 and 20 year old kids but we already have that with Sark and he comes with a better looking resume than Mora.

    I am not at all an advocate for Sark. In fact, I think we should make a change now if we could get a real college coach with experience in turning around a down program but to say love and enthusiasm alone should be the criteria for picking the next coach is absurd.

    If some way we can pry away someone like Gary Patterson or even Peterson at BSU would be humongous upgrade from the Fraud II that we were duped in to hiring.

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