Some thoughts on KJR’s Dave “Softy” Mahler

Posted: November 14, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Last week I received several emails and texts of people basically saying: “Did you hear what Softy said?  He twice dismissed your blog article as not worth responding to!”  That article pointed out that UW’s inability to raise funds would lead them to move to Qwest, and that Sarkisian should never have been hired as head football coach due to inexperience.  So when the emails and texts regarding Softy rolled in, I just shrugged because I don’t understand why his opinion merits listening to in the first place.

There was a time when Softy’s opinion meant a lot to me.  From 2000-2007, his Husky Honks Show with Dick Baird and Hugh Millen was one of the highlights of my week.  Every Wednesday morning, I scheduled time around it so I could hang onto every word.  I love Husky football and am a fan.

Then came November/December of 2007.  Those were the days when Tyrone Willingham was under fire as coach.  Everyone should have been able to see that he was destroying the program and needed to be let go.  But I can still hear Softy angrily calling out loyal boosters like Bill Fleenor for calling for a coaching change.  And I vividly remember Softy saying that Willingham deserved to be given a fourth year and that real fans should forget the past and unite behind Willingham and the team.

Of course, a mere ten months later, and six games into an inglorious 0-12 season, there was Softy throwing an on-air tantrum about how Willingham was completely destroying the team and that he needed to be fired and removed immediately. So much for getting behind the team and being a true fan.  Now while it’s true that people make mistakes and there’s no crime in doing so, Softy’s complicity in the winless season is profound.  His public support for Willingham fostered the environment that influenced President Emmert’s decision to give Willingham the fourth year.  The winless season that resulted will be a blight upon Husky Football’s landscape for the next 30 years– the flip side of the coin to how the 1991 National Championship team is recalled.

But now let’s look at last week.  When Softy says he “started to hear horror stories 1.5 years into” Willingham’s time at Washington, it begs a question:  Why, Softy, did you support giving Willingham the fourth year if you had been hearing horror stories?

Softy’s decision to shill for the athletic department back then casts doubt on anything he says now.  During this 2010 football season, as some people question the Sarkisian hire, Softy angrily denounces them as being disloyal and stupid.  When people like myself speculate aloud that a move to Qwest is imminent, Softy is dismissive.

To which I say, “That’s fine and so what?  Everyone’s got an opinion.  Why pay heed to UW’s mouthpiece?”

  1. HB says:

    Why anyone listens to Softy or KJR is beyond me. The University of Washington and the majority of its fans don’t care about championships. They just care about supporting whomever is in charge, regardless of whether they know what they are doing. Anyone who cannot see the damage Mark Emmert and Scott Woodward have done to the program is blind.

    When UW is playing football full time at Qwest in a couple years, the final nail will be slammed into the lid of the program’s coffin.

  2. Bob Garrett says:

    Problem with your ignorant logic is that Sark is only in his second year. Grow up

  3. GrantUW says:

    Softy is an idiot. He is an embarrassment to UW fans everywhere. He will defend anybody in charge at UW until they are gone, and only then he will say how he knew all along things were bad. Fuck him in his fat fucking ass.

  4. quorndawg says:

    Willingham’s second year >Sark’s year. I was patient with Willingham; Sark, not so much. Forgive us Bob for having higher expectations than participation ribbons.

  5. Bob GarrettFS says:

    Yep, Sark is in his 2nd year, with a 5th year senior supposedly good QB and can’t win anything. Time to send him packing

  6. Bob Garret says:

    AS a Coug fan I think you guys need to give Sark an extension and see if he can get Softy to coach special teams?

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